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Aggregates in Basildon, Rayleigh and Essex

At Websters Grab Hire, we recognise the environmental benefit of recycling waste. Our service offers customers a hassle-free delivery of secondary aggregates with the aid of a grab lorry. The discarded materials you produce have the potential to fuel many other residential or commercial projects. We also muck away unwanted waste around the Basildon, Rayleigh and Essex areas and try to recycle whatever we take.


To discuss our waste management service, contact us and we can set you on the right path to using secondary aggregates. We will provide you with a skilled grab lorry operator, equipped with on-board measuring facilities to weigh your aggregates. This means you will get the exact amount you need to complete your job. Any residual waste is removed by our grab lorry and processed at our recycling centre which covers Basildon, Rayleigh and all over Essex. Our recycling centre will then screen and process waste into secondary aggregates for sustainable use.

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What Goes into the Aggregates Mix


Secondary aggregates can be made up of top soil and sand, or hardcore material which includes shingle, gravel, stone, brick, concrete, crushed granite or limestone. Before waste is removed by a grab lorry and recycled, it may not seem like much at first. However, the blend of materials can add value to future construction work and also reduce the need for primary aggregate resources.


Secondary aggregates have as important role to play in Basildon and Rayleigh projects as primary aggregates. When you add secondary aggregates to cement, they strengthen it. What’s even better is that secondary aggregates can be an inexpensive part of a concrete mix. This is cost-effective and lowers the risk of foundations cracking under pressure when both materials are combined.

Building a Sustainable Future


When you order a delivery of secondary aggregates to your domestic or commercial property in Basildon, Rayleigh or Essex, you are already mucking in and getting green. Using our grab lorry and muck away service saves you time and energy which can be better spent completing work on your home improvement project, your business development or any other ongoing projects.


Here’s how you’ll be helping the environment with secondary aggregates:


  • Covering the whole of Basildon, Rayleigh and Essex
  • Allows raw material to be conserved and limits quarrying
  • Reduce grab lorry emissions when waste is recycled nearby
  • Carbon is reduced and less energy is consumed
  • Aggregates strengthen concrete from cracking or shrinking
  • Economic, practical and environmentally-friendly alternative
  • Easily delivered to residential and industrial properties


For delivery of secondary aggregates to domestic and commercial sites with the use our grab lorry, call Webster Grab Hire on 01268 777757 or 07932 661569.